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David Goldammer
David (Dave) Goldammer
Enter and Fall   Vocals, Music, Lyrics, Programming, Visual Concepts
Enter and Fall   Web >>> www.enterandfall.de
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David Goldammer David Goldammer David Goldammer David Goldammer
Markus Schmidt
Markus Otto
Enter and Fall   Livekeys, Booking, Visual Concepts
Enter and Fall   Web >>> www.head-less.de
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Markus Otto Markus Otto Markus Otto Markus Otto
Toni Tzschoppe
Toni Tzschoppe
Enter and Fall   Backingvocals, Livekeys
Enter and Fall   Web >>> www.channel-east.de
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Toni Tzschoppe Toni Tzschoppe Toni Tzschoppe Toni Tzschoppe

A Face without a name

A little Girl

After the Storm

All the lost friends

Aufsicht Ost

Back in Time

Beat Conductor

Being Human



Breaking out

Break them down

Empire of Sound


Hold on to you

Hope (It's not the End)

I need you here

I will


Lose Control

Minimal Instinct

New life


Push Enter And Fall Down

Running out


So bye bye

So much to see

Stand up and fight

The Things you never did

The Soldier


It is rarely occurred in the electro scene so far, that an absolute newcomer with his self-released debut album just could climb to the top of the German Alternative Charts ( DAC). This release was accompanied by enthusiastic reviews in scene magazines and by DJ's. Enter and Fall
The whole thing was topped with an invitation to support Project Pitchfork on their Germany Tour 2012. Enter And Fall succeed this brilliant start with her debut album„Push Enter And Fall Down“ , which was released in 2012.

Enter And Fall was founded in 2008 by Daniel Diaz Gonzalez andDavid Goldammer. The powerful sound of ENTER AND FALL was elected as most promising newcomer in 2010 by the readers of the scene magazine
"SonicSeducer" and became number one of the "Battle of the Bands" contest. The sound of Enter And Fall moves from driving EBM beats, melodic Synthypop sounds to calm and spherical tracks.

In the beginning of 2012, Daniel decided to leave Enter And Fall because of personal reasons.David Goldammertook over the leadership of ENTER AND FALL and thrills the audience with his powerful performance, which makes every concert a uniquely party. Since the end of 2012, Jenna ( AndersRot ) as singer and Toni Tzschoppe ( Channel East ) along witj Markus Otto ( head- less ) ( Synthesizers) joined the band and completed the "live setup".

On 12/24/2012 Enter And Fall, in cooperation with Hardbeat Propaganda, published the single"So much to see" for free. The single was downloaded over 3500 times within a very short time and reached the top 10 of the German Alternative Charts. So we can be excited about what we will see and hear from Enter And Fall in the future.

After the great success of „Push Enter And Fall Down“ in 2012 and the successful club tour along with Solitary Experiments in 2013, Enter And Fall is back with their new album „ISOLATION“. More detailed, deeply moved and diversified are the 13 new songs, written by mastermind David Goldammer, his adorable singer Jenna Rot and his two band mates Toni Tzschoppe and Markus Otto.

Again the danceable and driving beats, with catchy Synthesizer-runs and deep pads, affiliate with the powerful voices from Dave and Jenna, make „ISOLATION“ a pretty emotional masterpiece.

Enter and Fall
Songs full of power as „Hold on to you“ and „Shattered“ are accompanied by „Fesselwerk“ and „I need you here“. With „Hope (It’s not the End)" and „I will“, Enter And Fall again supplied new material for the dance floors. More personally, David Goldammer allows insight into his emotional world, wich had an effect on him during the production of „ISOLATION“.
After one year in „ISOLATION“ Enter And Fall is breaking out of their dark chamber to be finally back! With „Breaking out“, they once again show powerfull lyrics and melodies.

With four brand new songs, written by Mastermind David Goldammer, they step out of their „ISOLATION“! Back in freedom they directly start with the theme song „Breaking out“! A clear sign, where the journey should go!
„Break out ... tear down the walls and run!“ is the clear message in this song!

Followed by „The things you never did“, „Blind“ and „All the lost friends“ it soon becomes clear that this E. P. is perfect for the dance floors, to get rid of the little and bigger worries of everydays life by dancing! Along with the Processing and interpretation of the songs „Hope (It’s not the End)“, „Isolation“ , „Aufsicht Ost“ and „Lose Control“ by popular Artists like reADJUST, The Eternal Afflict, FGFC820 , Sixty64four and Rob Dust, they build an impressive bridge out of their „ISOLATION“ back to life!

„Breaking out“ is an impressive resumption and at the same time it closes the „ISOLATION“.

„Breaking out“ is Strength - Energy - Power!!!
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ENTER AND FALL - Promo 2015

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Artwork by paranoid world / Thomas Liepelt


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Enter and Fall Enter and Fall Enter and Fall
Enter and Fall Enter and Fall Enter and Fall
ENTER AND FALL - Promo 2012/13

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Enter and Fall Enter and Fall Enter and Fall
Enter and Fall Enter and Fall Enter and Fall
Enter and Fall Enter and Fall Enter and Fall
Stef Fööön
Enter and Fall   Tour-Merchandiser & Roadie
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Stephy Wendt
Enter and Fall   Tour-Merchandiser
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Doc Timo Ton
Enter and Fall   Sound technician
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