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News Enter and Fall - Saturday 12/20/2014

Please support Toni and Channel East!

The 3rd album of Channel East is on it's way and it will surely be a dream!

Offical statement of Channel East on facebook:

"People, of course it will take some time, but the 3. album will be a dream!!!!!!! Euphoric!!!"

There is already a little preview..............

Channel East - Together With Me Remake 2014

Please also "Like" the Facebook page of Channel East to get updates and news!

Channel East

News Enter and Fall - Monday 12/15/2014

ISOLATION elected in "Top albums 2014" on AVALOST.de!

Enter and Fall thanks all of you all for your support and for this great award!


Update Enter and Fall Fanbase website

As always, you can find first pictures and infos from the last live show in 2014 in our Photogallery and in the Live history

Avalost Top Alben 2014

News Enter and Fall Fanbase website - Sunday, 11/30/2014

Enter and Fall Fanbase website is now also available in english!

You will find a link at the top right on each site to change the language. If you notice any errors in the translation, please let me know and contact me by


Enter and Fall Fanbase Webseite ab sofort auch in englischer Sprache verfügar!

Dazu findet Ihr auf jeder Seite jetzt einen Link (oben rechts) um die Sprache zu wechseln. Falls Ihr Fehler in der Übersetzung findet, wäre ich dankbar, wenn Ihr mir diesen dann kurz per E-Mail mitteilt.

Have fun / Viel Spaß............

English German

News Enter and Fall - Friday 11/21/2014

Enter and Fall LIVE - Markthalle Hamburg

Together with [:SITD:] and BhamBhamHara.

Starts at 08:00 pm, Saturday 12/13/2014 Markthalle Hamburg


Event on Facebook


Enter and Fall LIVE Markthalle Hamburg 13.12.2014

News Enter and Fall Fanbase website - Sunday, 11/16/2014

Designed the first fanbase flyer.

You can find it under "Artwork"

Motiv für Flyer

News Enter and Fall - Friday 11/14/2014

Enter and Fall "Fulltime Show"and "Fan Meeting"

We are very happy to announce the first Live - show for 2015!

Enter and Fall start the new year with a special Enter And Fall Fan-Meeting and a FULLTIME SHOW on 01/30/2015 at Engelsburg / Erfurt!


Event on Facebook

Dark Club Night on Facebook

Engelsburg Studentenzentrum

Enter and Fall LIVE Engelsburg Erfurt

News Enter and Fall - Friday, 11/07/2014

AndersRot turns into JennaRot!

Jenna's new website is on the way and you can be curious about what's coming up.

You can find the latest news about Jenna's new Band "JennaRot" and the progress of her new website under:


So stay tuned...


EBM - Synthpop - Futurepop - NewWave - DarkWave

"You wanna shout out loud, you wanna break it!

You have nothing to lose, so go ahead with pride!

You can’t hide, but you can fight!"

Enter and Fall

Enter and Fall

Markus Otto - Toni Tzschoppe - Jenna Rot - David (Dave) Goldammer

We thank Dave, Jenna, Markus and Toni for all the feelings and emotions, that their music gave us in the past and for being a companion in all situations in life.

The journey is far from over......................

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